Rising Social Network App, Passfeed Gets People Connected on iOS and Android Platforms with Ease

Passfeed is becoming the fastest growing social network service in the United States that enables users to stay in touch with their friends and contacts on both iOS and Android devices.

Social media has taken the world by storm and practically permeated the lives of ordinary people. In fact, global research authority Nielsen reports that over people spend more than a third of their time on social network sites.

Specifically, social apps on mobile have seen a tremendous rise in use over the past two years. In the United States alone, more and more people are finding themselves immersed in social media across apps on mobile than on PC. In parallel with the ever-popularizing use of smart phones all over the globe, consumers are frequenting social media networks via mobile apps.

A breakthrough in the social network realm is Passfeed, a cross-platform mobile app that allows users to get feed and Real Time Messaging with contacts and friends. Anyone who is too busy to have enough time to make new friends will get their social lives enriched in no time through this flexible and carefree mobile social app.

"Passfeed allows you to easily share feeds and photos between friends, without the distraction of forwarding information and new," said Richard Wang, founder of Passfeed. "It's a lot more intimate than all the noise from the Facebook app. Simpler is better."

Being "multiplatform", Passfeed syncs contacts on both on iPhone or iOS and Android gadgets. Through this social network platform, users get feeds from their friends, as well as send text messages, voice messages, images and location details for free. Passfeed makes it easy to stay in touch with friends in the contact list. Anyone can share photos instantly with friends in the open friend-making platform that works in an invite-only arrangement.

Over the past year, Passfeed has been devoted to mobile network platforms, mainly focusing on Android and iOS. As a result, the number of Passfeed users is increasing constantly and the social app has become one black horse in mobile social network.

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