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Rings 4 Profit helps individuals and organizations raise funds for a cause, cancer awareness, schools, churches, scouts and more!

Rings 4 Profit Offers a Unique Way for Groups to Raise Funds Selling Rings for a Good Cause

Community groups and individuals seeking to raise funds now have a unique option in Rings 4 Profit, who's rings are high profit, low cost and perfect for fundraisers.

April 1, 2014

The age of the cookie, popcorn or candy sale may be in the past thanks to the innovative company Rings 4 Profit. Rings 4 Profit provide custom rings that are not just something different for fund raising, but are also much more profitable than nearly any other fundraising choice. A full 60% of the cost of the rings are kept by the fundraising group, making them a perfect choice to help raise money for a good cause.

"Our goal is to help individuals and organizations to raise funds for a cause," commented Russ Weinert owner of the company. "It is time for something new and Rings 4 Profit is the answer!"

The rings come in a wide selection for customers to choose from. So far they've been used by individuals and groups to raise funds for cancer awareness, schools, religious organizations, scouts and sports teams to name a few. The response to this unique type of fundraising has been very enthusiastic across the board.

A recent customer said after receiving their ring, "I love how well made they are and the great price. I'm sure my ring will last forever. What makes it really special was that I got to help a good cause too. I couldn't be happier."

The rings come in multiple designs in both $15 and $25 versions. The company also provides plastic ring sizers to organizations so that there's no problem with determining what size rings to order.

For more information on the company, their rings or to check out smart tips on fundraising visit www.rings4profit.com or call 214-532-3453.

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