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Ridiculous Mind - Empowering Entertainment & Information is an American online News & Opinion Entertainment magazine. Glitz, Illusions, Disposable Pop Culture, Tech. Wetdreams, Messiah Thoughts, Mind Control, Mall Consciousness, Systematic breakdown of systems, Big Brother Media... is A Multiple Personality Website probing the latest news, trends (and forgotten ones); from politics, art, society, technology, science, media, entertainment and nonsense.

In the words of the creator, Peter Lamelas, "Ridiculous Mind is a Chaos Fetish Opera presenting humanity in all its beauty and deformity via Popmetaphysics."

We have moved in and out of the first wild decade of the 21st Century from The Age of Information to The Age of Cynicism to The Age of the Whine to The Age of Ridiculous...We are sure in the next 6 months it will have evolved into something else though, it most certainly will still be ridiculous and we have taken it upon ourselves to exploit this wild monkey on acid - The Human Mind.

A major concern, besides offering a high quality, eclectic ADD entertainment, is to pierce the invisible veil of big business media whose double edge deceit and manipulation is a toxin as deadly as cyanide. There is only one culture and that is the culture of revenue and this ideology has woven itself so deeply into our consciousness through a potent digital crack iHotwire, at an affordable monthly subscription rate, only we are unaware that we are even members.

REALITY has become very difficult to define outside of cheap thrills & gadgets.

Besides penetrating the dirt and the madness that is to be human we want to make RM a fun rollercoaster ride of information and innovation. Along with presenting our interesting brand of articles and "happenings" we are developing an interactive platform in which to communicate ideas, so as to create alternative realities; playgrounds of color, sound, passion - past the Functionality Age that really is all Silicon Valley at this juncture is offering. The engineer's mind rarely has brought forth anything besides functionality. We seek to bring forth an artist's technological vision.

...crazy, brilliant, dirty, fast, aggressive, and very American.

It is difficult not to laugh as we ride the waves of oblivion.

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