Ricochet Battlefield Has Spread Onto iOS Market with New Undead Vs Plants

Undead vs Plants by Peaksel DOO has finally reached Apple Store. This new shooting game brings a new dimension to monster fights and is free to download to any iPad, iPhone or iPad.

After a short break, Peaksel DOO has designed and released another shooting game: Undead vs. Plants. Simple to play, but difficult to finish, the game is now available for free download to iPad, iPod and iPhone.

The aim of the game is straight forward: destroy all the monster plants. The players are using ricochet kills to destroy all the plants. However, the trick is to manage and achieve the goal with a limited number of bullets. Thus, they need to charge the gun, think, aim, release and hope the bullet follows the wished- for path. With 150 levels, it is a great pastime game, but also a good brain train.

The designers have offered slight help through the game in the form of additional bullets and several grenades which will help the players clear off the plants if they get stuck on a certain level. In this physics simulation game, the bullets bounce off of everything so the players might be surprised with the outcome of one released bullet.

"Sometimes, the simplest games turn to be the hardest ones to pass because we have to think about our moves. Undead vs Plants is one such game. Even during testing, I'd get frustrated or pleasantly surprised with the number of plants I manage to destroy with one bullet only. We sincerely hope our players will enjoy this fun pastime treat," said Marko Petkovic, the CEO of the company.

The game can be found here for a free download: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/undead-vs-plants-cool-ricochet/id883620209?mt=8

About Peaksel DOO:

Peaksel DOO was founded in 2012, and it is a privately held company and is headquartered in Nis, Serbia. The company is dedicated to developing and marketing of mobile applications and games for Android and iOS platforms, as well as for production and marketing of websites. Peaksel's mission is to satiate people's hunger for quality applications and having over 10 million satisfied users helps in fulfilling the mission. For more information on Peaksel Company, please call 381-60-555-15-89 or visit http://peaksel.com/.

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