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In Spring Hill Tennessee is where you find Rick Lance, a pioneer in Voice Over Spring Hill TN services.

In Spring Hill Tennessee is where you find Rick Lance, a pioneer in Voice Over Spring Hill TN services. He is one of the well known behind the curtain artists giving voice and life to animation character, laughter and tears from radio and television comedy, and drama and enlivens the interest of the viewers when voicing over documentary film productions. This is how good a Voiceover Spring Hill TN artist Mr. Rick Lance is and today with the use of his Rick Lance Studio, he wants to share this God given talent to all individuals who feels they have the qualities and traits of becoming a good voice over artist.

Rick Lance has been known by most production studios in the US as having exceptional interpretive and acting skills. He has on his own mastered the art of giving voice to any kind of subject that comes out a radio speakers and television screen. He has this unique talent of breathing interest to commentary and documentary productions and breathes life to animated movies, commercial, radio and Television ads. As a Voice Over Talent Spring Hill TN, Rick Lance has a varied fan base, making appearance in several global events and anime conventions. He is always number one in the onlinemarketing agencies' list to put voice over animated video ads over the internet. For more than two decades that he has pursued this very lucrative career, Rick has undergone massive training sessions not only in voice acting but acting workshop in general. Having tried his hand in all sort of amateur performances, he was directed to a more complex form of acting, such as doing stage performances in local theaters and singing both of which did not give him the satisfaction and challenge as what voice acting is giving him now.

Today, Rick Lance of Tennessee is well known to be the most professional and knowledgeable Voiceover Talent Spring Hill TN this part of the US. He was even tagged by his fan base as the "Voice of Americana" simply because of his deep sultry voice and very warm way of narrating documentaries and other oral stories to the listening audience. The in-born skill that he has in this very unique art has made it possible for him to master voice acting very easily. Rick Lance and the Rick Lance Studio Company have been providing and will continue to provide the film, television, radio and stage industry voice over services and talents that they need. Most of his clients have already more than twenty years of professional relationship with him, proving that he is still the talent to beat when it comes to voice over professional services.

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