Riaxe Launches a New App - Draw & Replay

Riaxe is proud to announce that a very unique application has been launched. This app had been under the wraps for many months.

Riaxe is proud to announce that a very unique application has been launched. This app had been under the wraps for many months. As all apps of Riaxe, the inspiration for this app is unique. It is based on the chalkboard. One can use the iPad as a blackboard using this app. Using one's fingers, drawing and writing can be done exactly like using chalks.

The most interesting thing of this app is that it can simulate an exact replay of the whole drawing. The drawings or messages along with the replays can be shared on social media. Those who do not have the app can view it using the web version too. The app hence brings out a wide range of unseen creative possibilities. One can draw a cake and send it to their loved ones on their birthday and they can view the cake being drawn on the replay mode. Colored chalks are available too.

This app can find usage in e-learning field too. One can use it as a traditional slate-board to teach kids to write alphabets or draw, sketch and color on the iPad. People in love can surprise their partner by drawing their favorite flower or a personal message and send it to them. The curiosity of what's being drawn and the feel of a hand crafted message in good old chalk are guaranteed to make them go weak on the knees.

Riaxe is an experienced player in Rich Internet Application development and the best of tools have been used to build this app. ActionScript 3.0 with Starling framework gives the performance it deserves. Starling framework allows better graphics utilization. Riaxe loves Adobe ActionScript for the superfast development time. Draw n Replay will also be available on other platforms in the future. The web app is available now. Riaxe is also working on a Leap-Motion version that will give a very interesting 3D experience.

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App store link - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/draw-n-replay/id798565159?mt=8

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