Rhino Seeds Cheese Cannabis Seeds Collection Is A Pungent Masterpiece

Are you looking for the right cannabis seeds with that pungent cheesy aroma? Well look no further because you've found E-dam good offer!

If you're looking for cheese seeds to add to your collection, the master chefs at Rhino Seeds now have the most impressive collection available online. Watching cheese strains mature over the last few years, they have finally dismissed the bland ones and settled on a premium collection of spectacular, full bodied, ripe and powerful cheese seeds that they know you are going to love. So put on your smoking jacket, grab some grapes, biscuits and port and prepare to meet the best cheese collection yet.

Rhino Seeds' cheese board consists of:

Big Buddha Cheese

The Big Buddha knows a thing or two about cheese. He sniffed out the importance of this strain many years ago and has been instrumental in its transition from underground seedling to a world beating mega strain.

Big Buddha cheese is one the most popular seeds in the UK and has won a number of awards at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. It has been selectively back-crossed over several years to produce some spectacularly cheesy characteristics from its ideally suited Skunk No.1 x Afghan pairing. They're 100% feminized seeds too of course...

Dutch Cheese

You know how they say that the Dutch have a thing about cheese? Well this proves it. Dutch Passion's very best cheese strain offers some stunning characteristics that will leave any cheese fan suitably overcome with excitement. Dutch Cheese is 100% feminised and thanks to years of testing by Dutch Passion they have hit upon a match that makes their 60% sativa, 40% indica strain stand out from the crowd as a first choice for many high level breeders because of its truly unique properties.

Royal Cheese

As a seriously high browed cannabis seed bank, it was inevitable that the Royal Queen team would produce a cheese strain fit for a king, or queen. Like smooth ripe brie crossed with pungent stilton, their incredible cheese strain is not to be missed.

This is not all Rhino Seeds stinky collection has to offer. All the seeds in this cheese collection are available at outstanding prices that no one can beat. How is this possible? Because Rhino Seeds offers to match or even beat any other price available online. There aren't too many other cheese shops that will do that.

Rhino Seeds are the leading supplier of cannabis seeds online. They have an incredible network of connections which allows them to get the best, most unique and most outstanding value seeds in the world out to customers in record time, and always in a covert fashion.

Give in to your lust for cheese today!


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