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Rewarding Love Announces the Creation of a New Video Series

Rewarding Love will introduce to the market a new video series on successful love and relationships hosted by noted clinical Psychologist Dr. Robert M. Gordon

Rewarding Love, America's leading Internet relationship marketing and online compatibility matchmaking community announced today that they have entered into a joint venture agreement with Special Edition TV to create a new video series.

This series explores relationship issues, the fundamentals and dynamics that are a part of people's lives. Featuring one of America's leading relationship clinical psychologists, Dr. Robert M. Gordon, the series will address relationship issues from his many books including "I Love You Madly".

Dr. Gordon over the expanse of thirty-five years has studied the nature of healthy and unhealthy relationships. He has developed criteria that bring insights to assist people to understand and create relationships that are mutually rewarding. Dr. Gordon explains, "I created the Unified Model of Love Matching system to bring together individuals seeking a meaningful and lasting love, based on factors that matter most in love relationships."

Bernardo DeLuca, CEO of noted that Rewarding Love
is positioned to become the new major internet social networking matchmaking site for people. This site designed for people to find a highly compatible and lasting love, and access answers to questions on love and relationships. DeLuca explains, " provides a pleasant online environment and beneficial methods which help relationship-minded singles gain insight and make informed decisions as they pursue healthy, compatible relationships. Dr. Gordon's upcoming video series can help people more clearly understand the complexities of falling in love and remaining in love."

Speaking from their Fort Lauderdale office, Jay Crosby, Executive Producer at Special Edition TV stated: "The premise by which Rewarding Love has been developed has a strong basis in science. Dr. Gordon and his vast years in research and practice bring together the elements for the success of this company." He goes on to state: "Because of the multi-faceted business approach of Rewarding Love; that strength makes for a major media story. I am excited to bring that story forward."

Production on the video series is expected to begin this summer and be available for Fall 2010. Dealer Inquiries are welcome and should be directed to:
David Van Vort Tel: (954) 297.0706


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