Revolutionary "Tripper APP" Instantly Connects Users to Live Human Translators/travel Assistants

New human interpretation/travel assistance APP, Tripper, launches with services in English, Chinese, and Japanese

Tripper is labeled as "The World's Local Assistant" and for good reason. The Tripper APP, available for both iOS and Android, uses the power of crowdsourcing to instantly connect users to live, multilingual assistants around the world at the touch of a button.

This means, for the first time, users can be on the phone with live interpreters all within a matter of seconds with no pre-planning. Available 24/7 worldwide, Tripper can be used for any language situation, big or small, that may arise when traveling. This makes it ideal for travelers going to culturally and linguistically different countries like China and Japan where language problems abound.

But this is no simple interpretation hotline. All operators are equipped with massive custom databases of the cheapest Asian travel resources including flights, hotels, tours, restaurants and more. This means Tripper is more like a "local assistant on steroids" combining human language skills, massive Asian travel databases, and partnership rates to solve virtually any problem one may have abroad - interpretation, transportation, food, entertainment, emergency, and more!

The APP's smart design allows for both local and Wi-fi/3G calling from anywhere in the world, making it basically free to make a call to an operator. Plus, Tripper makes it easy to send photos and GPS guides to and from Tripper operators. A built-in VPN is available for purchase for China travelers to get to their favorite blocked websites.

Tripper truly marks a revolutionary move that not only streamlines access to multilingual travel assistants but augments their abilities with a slew of technical tools. What results from this, is no less than an extraordinary APP that brings instant interpretation and travel help into a user's hand at the touch of a button. Truly, "The World's Local Assistant."

Get Tripper now for FREE on iOS or Android at

Note: As a fast growing business Tripper is excited to make new mutually beneficial industry partnerships. Interested businesses may contact sam@n-marketing for more information. Multilingual operators of all languages are welcome to apply for positions at

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