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Revolutionary Time Tracking Tools Review

We have been reviewing various software's from the past couple of weeks and this week its going to be a time tracking software from Replicon Inc. Lets give an introduction on the brand and then directly goon with the review:

"Replicon Inc, Headquartered from Canada, provides a suite of Cloud based time tracking applications that help organizations manage time, expenses and their employee schedules. Because Replicon hosts the applications and all the data online, you do not have to be concerned the platform-specific version updates, and you don't have to perform data backups. Replicon guarantees 99.5+ percent server uptime and their engineering staff monitor their data centers around the clock. The data is continually backed up and disaster-recovery policies are in place hence need not worry about the data."

So, that gives the basic introduction to the brand and its services. Now lets proceed with the brand review. Actually our task is cut out here, since the brand already has various reviews from different software review websites and latest being I hope many would have heard about this website, which is one of the top software reviews website, providing valuable and detailed reviews on brands which are worth. is the direct link to check out Replicon Inc's review on

Here are some of the factors and points allocated to Replicon Inc:

• Time Tracking: 10/10
• Reporting: 10/10
• Other Features: 10/10
• Ease Of Use: 10/10

They say:

• There is always a live person available to respond when you need customer service
• Replicon provides modules which are expandable as your business grows, I.e., you can add additional options as the need grows.
• Replicon is the best time tracking and management software

Ultimately, the review ends saying "1.5 Million Replicon users cant be wrong". I would say, this is true, as always I do with the software review, I used the trial version of Replicon's time billing and time clock software, to be precise they are 10+ in all the factors.

Will get back next week with the review of yet another time tracking and project management giant.

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