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Revolutionary Flavor Application Able To Add Or Improve The Flavor Of Any Beverage

Beverage Entrepreneur Offers Groundbreaking Innovation To First Beverage Company Willing To Taste the Future

Food and beverages claiming to be free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) will account for almost a quarter of all food and beverage sales in the U.S., amounting to approximately $178 billion in sales in 2013**.

The current trend in consumer taste/choice is of crucial importance to the beverage industry future growth. Consumers are increasingly switching to natural and healthier beverages, especially water.

Recognizing the opportunity to reinvent flavor infusion in the beverage world, Flavor Ring was developed. Utilizing a revolutionary application process, Flavor Ring provides a cost-effective method for beverage manufactures to infuse flavor into any beverage via the container itself, rather than the traditional method of flavoring the beverage.

Containers with the Flavor Ring will allow the taste of the beverage to be improved through the use of flavoring agents applied to the beverage container rim. The result is an immediate stimulation of the human taste receptors upon contact with the container and consumption of the beverage.

"Flavored beverages, especially water, continue to be among the fastest growing beverage segments," says owner Ron Gastelu. "The ability to be able to instantly add flavor without actually changing the beverage is ground breaking and guaranteed to immediately increase sales."

Mr. Gastelu is so confident in his innovation's capability to increase sales that he is boldly offering his technology FREE for one year to the first beverage manufacturer to license the process.

"Beverage companies do not have to change their product lines," adds Gastelu. "Flavor Ring will increase sales by offering beverage manufacturers the ability to add additional flavors simply by applying the Flavor Ring to their containers."

Beer, soda, tea and water can all add flavor SKUs to their brands simply by applying Flavor Ring to their containers. Flavor Ring patent pending process is available in any flavor imaginable.

For "less than a penny a bottle", Mothers and nutritionists will be amazed that their children ask for water with the Flavor Ring over conventional sweet drinks.

** according to a report from Packaged Facts.

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