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Revolutionary EBook Describes 90 Simple, Yet Powerful, Household Budgeting Strategies

Our Budgeting eBook describes 90 powerful, Household Budgeting Strategies. Free Budgeting Spreadsheet offer if you register on our website.

Our ebook focuses on 90 well-defined, distinct strategies that can easily be implemented by anyone to drastically reduce one's household monthly budget by 20% or more.

The author thoroughly addresses all avenues of spending in this book, and most importantly, emphasizes that a monthly budget should be treated as a business, and not as a hobby.

Equally important, the author, known as the "Budget Surgeon" in familiar circles, highlights that the sum of the budget savings technique parts can have a profound effect on one's overall financial health, and can have a compounding wealth effect, year over year. The major categories of budgeting that are
addressed by this eBook include:

- Financial Decisions
- Mortgage Issues
- Automobile Savings
- Cost of Living Decisions
- All Types of Insurance
- Taxes
- Education
- Bill Paying
- Banking
- Lawn & Garden Care
- General Shopping
- Clothing
- Utilities
- Food
- Entertainment
- Medical and Dental Expenses
- Household and Home Improvements
- Wedding and Gifts

If you are struggling to keep up with your bills and feel that your monthly budget has become unmanageable, you will seriously benefit from this eBook's concrete money-saving strategies and suggestions. Alternatively, if you are just looking for new ideas to help fine-tune and reduce your monthly budget, you will also find this eBook extraordinarily valuable.

Visit for further details. If you register on our website, we will provide you with a FREE Household Budgeting Excel-based Spreadsheet, along with a user's manual. This is our gift to you, for visiting our website, and getting the word out on the importance of household budgeting.

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