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Review of Left4Dead 2 - Upcoming Game Improvements

For those that don't know, Left4Dead 2 is due out for the Xbox 360 and PC. Sorry, PS3 owners. This game is going to rock and this article will start to tell you why.

There are many important upgrades from the first game. Personally, I can't wait for launch day. The much-anticipated sequel takes place in the South, Louisiana to be exact. We've got a new location, new weapons and new characters as well.

This sequel will have 5 campaigns, so it's a little bigger than the original. As expected, all the campaigns support 4-player co-op, along with verses and survival mode. One note is that The Parish, which is the last campaign, takes place in the daytime.

New Zombie: Spitter

Left4Dead 2 has a great new enemy, the Spitter. These bad boys are going to be tough. They spit (duh) a fiery acid over a very long distance. If that's not good enough, their spit lights up the ground too. One quick way to die is to be in the wrong place with one of these guys.

New Zombie: Charger

Valve made this guy for the campers out there. Basically, he's a bull that will smash all the campers who love getting into a tight area and wading things out. If he grabs you, get ready to see a pile driver.

There's going to be other types of zombies it seems. While not special, there are now Hazmat zombies who are immune to fire (bye bye incendiary weapon).

New Guys

Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill (the kill stealer) are gone. The four new characters are Nick, Ellis, Rochelle and Coach.

These are just some of the improvements for Left4Dead 2. This game will be getting tons of hours of play at my house.

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