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Reverend James Harris Reveals Poverty In The Body Of Christ From False Teachers And How To Recover From It In New EBook

The Body of Christ is in deep poverty from False teachers and being blind from the truth on God's Word. Reverend Harris exposes the truth on past traditions and shows the body of Christ how to recover from deep poverty.

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Reverend James Harris Reveals the Poverty in the Body of Christ from False Teachers and how To recover from it in New EBook.

What happens when millions in the body of Christ have fallen
into deep poverty? The U.S. Census Bureau is now reporting that 46.2 million Americans are now living in poverty. The Christian population in America is 79.5%, that's 246,780,000! Many of these children of God have been mislead and deceived by false teachings, and blind to the truth in God's Word on prosperity.

The dynamic teachings of Reverend James Harris answers the call and reveals help for the body of Christ in "Rich Jesus Poor Jesus." A (150 pp. ebook, $9.95) a comprehensive study on the wealth, the poverty and error of financial problems in the body of Christ.

The book exposes the good, the bad and the ugly of financial prosperity in the body of Jesus Christ Universal and breaks down past traditions that have intimidated the children of God and have caused them to become poor, broken , and tremendously in debt. Many are now suffering generations of economic hardships, while giving their hard earned money to Robbers, Thieves and Hirelings.

Rich Jesus Poor Jesus, will take you from Genesis to Revelation showing you that Jesus Christ himself was Rich, and that He Redeemed the body of Christ not only from sin, but from poverty as well.

Rich Jesus Poor Jesus gives you teachings with a clear view on, Tithing for Prosperity, Sowing & Reaping, Compensation for the Righteous, The Blessings of Abraham,

The Seven Keys to Spiritual Wealth and Prosperity, Prosperity by the knowledge of God's Word, Positive Thinking, Meditating on the Word of God for Prosperity, and more.

Reverend James Harris is a native of WV, and a veteran of the Vietnam war era. Reverend Harris also was the former President of Universal Video Advertising in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Reverend James Harris latest novel is "Jesus In Columbus" available at Amazon.com. And his latest screenplay is "Death Clouds." For orders of "Rich Jesus Poor Jesus" go to www.richjesuspoorjesus.com
ISBN 978-1-62154-249-0


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Rev. James R. Harris
Elder James R. Harris

Elder James R. Harris
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