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Retina-X Studios Releases Their Mobile Spy V6.6 Update

Free updates of premium software's are great bonus for customers. Recently one of the most authoritative parental cell phone mobile monitoring applications Mobile Spy released their latest and powerful version 6.6.

With the latest update, parents and employers get enhanced tracking tools to monitor popular social media and chat apps of their teens and employees. The added social networking features in Mobile Spy v6.6 are KiK, Line, Viber, Skype, Hangouts/Gtalk, Fring, ChatON along with the previous Twitter, Facebook Messenger, BBM, WhatsApp text monitoring. These social media apps have become the new craze among young adults, which requires employers and parents to monitor them.

Retina-X Studios, the leading computer and cell phone monitoring software maker has again made useful additions to their mobile monitoring app Mobile Spy for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone (rooted) devices.

The other notable additions are remote settings on the online panel for all major features. It means that users can now change and update monitoring settings without physical access to the device. That makes the application useful in many ways primarily because now users can tweak settings on the go!

Most users wish for more options about uploads and Mobile Spy just added 'Wi-Fi only' option for photos/videos. This is a great utility for Mobile Spy users as they can now custom decide on the way they want the targeted device photos/videos to upload on their web panel. If you have more photos/videos and you want only to upload these logs over Wi-Fi, then just switch on the Wi-Fi only feature from your panel.

The stealth mobile tracking app now also monitors phone MMS (multimedia messages like photos), voice memos that are the voice recording on the device and Dropbox files. The Dropbox is widely used both by teens and employees today as the Cloud makes it easy for sharing documents and files. Employers now with the new update will be able to view what files their employees have in their Dropbox accounts.

It seems that team at Mobile Spy is constantly working towards better and improved mobile tracking to ensure right iPhone/iPad and tablet use among kids and employees.

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