Resume Evaluation Among Job Seekers Revealed Serious Mistakes conducted a free resume evaluation and found out serious mistakes in many resumes. Most of them failed to structure the resume, given insufficient details for even educational qualifications or not followed correct language.

Recently, offered a free resume evaluation and it was welcomed by young job seekers with much enthusiasm. Hundreds of youngsters submitted their resumes.

Some of the mistakes found in most of the resumes are:

• There is no title for the resume
• Inadequate line space between sections
• Resumes are too long (6-7 pages)
• Over 1 MB file size
• Different fonts in different sections
• Inappropriate usage of photographs
• Usage of different background color for the headings for various sections.
• And many more...

Series of articles will be published soon how to correct those mistakes and improve your resume to stand out in the job market.

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