RESQ360 Treats New Customers to $5 Price-off Deal on First Joint Pain Formula

RESQ360, a company specializing in joint health supplements, is offering a $5 discount for new buyers who purchase the Joint Pain RESQ360 Formula.

Wellness supplements company RESQ360 is welcoming new customers with a more affordable Joint Pain RESQ360 Formula. The Encinitas, CA based company is taking $5 off the price tag of its breakthrough product for arthritis sufferers.

Arthritis, a general term referring to "disease of the joints" strikes roughly 50 million American adults and 300,000 children. The U.S. Arthritis Foundation disease dubs it as the leading cause of disability among Americans. Bringing pain and discomfort to sufferers, it is a chronic condition that frequently limits activity more than heart disease and cancer do.

RESQ360 uses comprehensive and collaborative approach to wellness, integrating the collective knowledge of Eastern and Western medical traditions. As a result, the natural supplements maker is able to provide information and tools that take a 360 degree approach to each health issue, particularly arthritis.

Now budget-friendly for first-time buyers, the Joint Pain RESQ360 Formula is proven to work with its all natural ingredients. MucoZaq, extracted from fresh raw New Zealand green lipped mussel, protects the cartilage and provides cartilage building blocks. Bromelain, a potent anti-inflammatory agent derived from pineapple stems, targets Joint Inflammation. The other significant ingredient is 5-Loxin, a form of Boswellia serrata extract from India, is effective in relieving joint pain.

A satisfied Joint Pain RESQ360 Formula user shares an experience with the US-manufactured product: "I was told by a hand specialist that I have spurs on the joints in my thumbs and that they would flare up from time to time. I began taking 2 capsules of RESQ360 daily, and feel encouraged that my symptoms are reduced. I hope that this means there will be less deterioration in my joints over time. I will continue to use RESQ360 and hope to feel even more improvement."

The RESQ360 joint support formula works to combat arthritis symptoms with daily use. It effectively promotes a healthy environment to keep pain from coming back.

To find out more about Joint Pain RESQ360 Formula and get the $5 discount awaiting new customers, please visit for information.

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