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Researches Further Reinforce The Health Benefits Of Wheat Grass Intake

The benefits encompass greater vitamin and mineral consumption and abundant medical gains. On the other hand, scientists further claim that the benefits actually seem exaggerated and the entire situation is a matter of debate.

Extensive scientific researches and rigorous lab experiments conducted and completed recently have further strengthened the situation of paradox regarding the advantages of wheat grass consumption or the doubts regarding the nutritional values of the same. And this has been stated today by the chief scientific officer of the laboratory and testing centre at Wheat grass. According to the latest statistics, almost one out of three persons would testify in favor of wheat grass consumption, if added to juice for intake during breakfast.

What this food, Wheat grass, actually does to the human body, is chiefly being an intense source of essential vitamins, namely, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, Vitamin B6, vitamin E, and also iron, copper, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, dietary fiber and different amino acids. Scientists and researchers have claimed that the health benefits of wheat grass vary from augmenting the consumption of vitamins and minerals that body requires to creating a resistance against diseases. Wheat grass also includes chemicals that could have anti-inflammatory benefits, works like magic in case of minor and major skin problems. The juice itself can provide approximately entire day's requirement of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, as the body soaks it up rapidly into the cells through the blood stream, and a quick boost of energy is obtained.

Recent studies have further strengthened the abundant benefits of wheat grass in major chronic disease treatments. Cancer and arthritis might be healed to a certain extent with chemotherapy sessions reduced and pains alleviated by the juice. A recent study conducted among 80 Leukemia patients got their chemotherapy dosages reduced in 5 months, as has been confirmed by the scientists in today's report. Wheat grass has also shown some positive changes in a group of 35 patients suffering from urinary tract infections. 89% were healed to a great extent. A group of 64 patients who were given administered doses of wheat grass juice were completely relieved of pain. Confirmed weight loss case studies are also included in the report.

Report also considers the silence of the entire scientific community and the issues of debate whether or not wheat grass juice possesses the nutrients that is believed to have the healing powers. Treatment of cardiac issues, cancer and shrinking of tumor size has not yet been absolutely proved in clinical trials. Controversy is further ignited by the facts that many scientists and associations have claimed that chlorophyll is of no use to the human body and substances devoid of it have great positive benefits to patients. Enzyme intake has also been disputed by the scientists although no concrete proof has been found.

In the present report prepared by the esteemed scientists, however, the possibility has not been ruled out that wheat grass cannot bring any health benefit to the human body. In spite of the disputes, as a consumption of leafy food, wheat grass is considered nutritional compared to other vegetable intake.

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