ReportLab Launches Latest Release 3.1.8 of Its Commercial and Open-source PDF Generation Software

London-based software company ReportLab have updated their dynamic PDF generation software toolkit. The new version includes full support for Python 3.3+ for the first time, an improved installation procedure and hundreds of under-the-hood tweaks.

From high volume financial reporting to university prospectuses and technical manuals, ReportLab's solutions continue to be the trusted solution for businesses that are serious about their document generation. Fidelity Investments, Citrix, Wikipedia, University College London and the US Geological Survey all trust ReportLab software to deliver the robust, reliable PDF production they depend on.

ReportLab's PDF libraries are the most powerful dynamic document creation tools on the market. An XML-based templating system combines with a single API to generate complex output from multiple data sources, fast. The software is easily integrated in to all major web frameworks and able to produce a variety of documents from your content at incredible speed. Whether to need to serve customised PDF direct from the web, or produce 1000s of personalised documents for traditional print, ReportLab has the solution for you.

ReportLab CEO and Python guru Andy Robinson said, "Over the last 10 years we've been extremely busy delivering large document generation solutions to major customers. A move to Python 3 has been overdue but we wanted to maintain the rock-solid reliability the platform has always shown whilst managing the many changes needed internally. Through the diligent work of our lead developers and the continued support of the ReportLab community we have delivered the latest version of our highly sought-after software that will continue to be used for a fascinating array of purposes."

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