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Renowned Relationship Expert Gives 3 Tips to Renew Your Relationship

The arrival of March signals that spring is just around the corner - the season for renewal and new beginnings. Here are three steps you can take to throw out the old stuff that has slowly but surely crept into your relationship and make room for all

Dr. Patty Ann Tublin, an internationally renowned relationship expert, has posted an article on her web site where she shares three tips couples can implement to renew and reinvigorate their relationship. The article, "March Forward for a New & Improved Relationship," is available at http://www.drpattyann.com/2010/goals/march-forward-to-a-new-improved-relationship/.

Now that March is upon us and spring is just around the corner, Dr. Patty Ann suggests taking some time to do a relationship inventory.

"Most of us take some kind of inventory during the month of March, and when we do, we're usually pretty surprised to see how much unnecessary stuff we have accumulated over the winter," Dr. Patty Ann says. "If we stop and take inventory of our relationship, we might discover how much old and unnecessary emotional baggage we have been holding onto there, too."

Dr. Patty Ann continues by offering three steps couples can take to throw out the old stuff that has slowly but surely crept into their relationship and make room for all the new and exciting experiences and feelings that await them.

One tip is to shift your mindset into positive gear. According to Dr. Patty Ann, many times our mindset is the real culprit that prevents us from having the relationship we want and deserve.

"Sometimes in the dark and cold of winter, it's easy to fall into the rut of a negative mindset. But these negative feelings can also permeate our relationship, and without even realizing it we find ourselves focusing on the negative aspects of our relationship and the less than perfect qualities of our partner," Dr. Patty Ann explains. "Shift your mindset into positive gear and you will be amazed to see how much this shift changes what you think, feel and believe about your partner and your relationship."

Read the full article with all three tips to renew and reinvigorate your relationship at http://www.drpattyann.com/2010/goals/march-forward-to-a-new-improved-relationship/. More articles about rekindling romance, increasing intimacy, reigniting passion and stopping fighting in your relationship can be found on Dr. Patty Ann's blog at www.drpattyann.com/blog.

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