Renowned Psychotherapist Reveals Relationship Harmony Secrets

Dr. Jamie Turndorf, renowned relationship expert, author, and creator of, will be presenting "How to Resolve Relationship Conflicts Using My Proven X,Y Formula!" on her new show "Ask Dr Love Radio"

Dr. Jamie Turndorf, known by two generations of fans as Dr. Love through her award winning Web site, will be presenting "How to Resolve Your Conflicts Using My Proven X,Y Formula" on her new "Ask Dr Love Radio" show on April 24th at 9pm EST.

On every show, Dr. Turndorf shares her acclaimed conflict resolution and communication techniques, reads the answers to the past week's questions submitted on, and takes questions and comments from live callers.

The topic for this week's show she'll will be how to properly present your gripes in a relationship. She'll be demonstrating her "X,Y Formula" for communicating to your partner issues that may be troubling you. At her Center for Emotional Communication, decades of research with real couples has proven that how you present your issues can determine whether or not your feelings are heard so that you reach a mutually satisfactory resolution. Join her as she outlines her six proven techniques for describing your emotions in a way that inspires your lover or spouse want to hear what you're feeling AND work with you rather than fight you. Learning and mastering this "X, Y Formula" is one of your main keys to relationship bliss and harmony!

Having answered thousands of questions on over the past eighteen years, Dr. Turndorf talks about why she took her popular relationship advice column to Internet radio: "While I love blogging, I want to reach out to people in real time. I've had "regular" radio shows in the past, but with Internet Radio, people can listen from anywhere, and since the shows are archived as Podcasts, they can listen at any time. It helps me to realize my life's mission to help people create healthy lasting relationships," she said.

Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D., is the author of the critically acclaimed "Till Death Do Us Part (Unless I Kill You First): A Step-By_Step Guide for resolving Relationship Conflict" and "Make Up Don't Break Up: Dr. Love's 5-Step Plan for Reconciling with Your Ex." She first created in 1996, and today the site boasts the Web's oldest and largest archive of thousands of advice columns on every imaginable relationship, marriage, dating, or sex issue. Her advice has been published on the Web and in magazines nationally and worldwide, including iVillage, Psychology Today,, Cosmopolitan, Men's health, and many others. She is often a featured consultant and expert on television and radio, having appeared on CNN, Fox News, Inside Edition, and more.

If you want to learn how to increase relationship harmony or would like your one of your personal issues answered by one today's top experts, listen to Ask Dr Love Radio at The link for this upcoming show is: AskDrLove Radio is a one hour show starting at 9pm (EST) every Tuesday night. You can call-in from anywhere using any kind of phone, including Skype. The number to call is published on the site's Web page and announced repeatedly the show. You can also find the show through iTunes.

Dr. Jamie Tundorf's conflict resolution techniques will improve your relationships whether or not you're having communication problems-- but if you are -- be sure to tune in and even call in to Ask Dr Love Radio and get help from one of today's most respected experts!

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