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Renowned Plastic Surgeon Portland Opens New State-of-the-art Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Facility

Top female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Portland, Oregon Dr Kim-Chi Vu welcomes patients to new center that houses cutting-edge plastic surgery technology.

Recent data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveal in 2011, some 13.8 million and 5.5 million cosmetic plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures were performed in the United States. Compared with the previous year, the 2011 statistics are up by 5%. In fact, the plastic surgery market has been surging even amid the global financial turmoil.

While the plastic surgery industry is thriving, not all surgeons offer top-of-the-line services, much less proficient with emerging trends. Only a handful of surgeons can be relied on to carry out the procedures with no less than the most cutting-edge technology.

Dr. Kim-Chi Vu Center for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery is one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the State of Oregon. Located in Beaverton, the facility is owned and operated by Dr Kim-Chi Vu, considered one of the top female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Portland.

Dr. Vu's highly developed plastic surgery skills, coupled with attentive care and service, are gaining rave reviews. Happy patient S.S. says on Plastic-Surgery-Portland.com: "I chose Dr. Vu because she was open and easy to talk to, answered all my questions and gave me honest advice. She did such a phenomenal job on my tummy tuck that other physicians have complimented me on her work!"

Serving more and more clients in Oregon, Dr. Vu has opened a brand new state-of-the-art plastic surgery Portland center. The facility welcomes patients with its beautiful new design, and all the latest technology offering the most advanced cosmetic procedures.

An esteemed plastic surgeon Portland, Dr. Vu is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She specializes in not only cosmetic and reconstructions, but also in hand trauma surgeries. During her residency, Dr. Vu was involved in several research projects, including the heparin effect on thrombocytopenia, bioresorbable ribs stabilization in rib fractures, and a clinical study on composite grafting for correction of bilateral cleft nasal deformity.

To learn more about the newest The Vu Center for Plastic and Hand Surgery in Portland, Oregon, please visit http://www.plastic-surgery-portland.com for information.

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