Renewabold Unveils New Product for Golf Carts

Renewabold Technologies is founded by the owners of J and J Solar. RenewaBOLD is a product line with the consumer in mind.

Renewabold Unveils A Solar Panel For Golf Carts Wilmington, NC based company Renewabold Technologies has introduced a solar panel for golf carts.
It's the world's first UL certified, non-glass, ultra-thin and lightweight solar module called the ForeSolar Golf kit. Originally exclusive to the military (over 1,000,000 units sold) and praised for its extreme durability and high power output, this state of the art module is now being offered to consumers to power a variety of electric vehicles. When applied to a golf cart, it not only exponentially improves drive time but also saves the user significant amounts of money by extending the life cycle of the batteries and reducing charging costs.

Renewabold works directly with the manufacturer. Unlike other companies they can customize panels and systems to best fit the customer and develop the most efficient product possible. Two weeks ago the ForeSolar Panel made its West Coast debut in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Troon North Golf Course. In the upcoming months it will be showcased at numerous golf courses, casino/hotels, and golf cart communities. Owner Jason Wagner says "Working in the solar industry for the last five years we have seen a lot of changes. With our panels we have multiple applications. It's a matter finding the best markets for the everyday consumer." Renewabold Technologies is a sister company of J and J Solar who does commercial and customized projects. The Foresolar golf kits are available at

Other products are currently in development daily. Being innovative is a common goal between Renewabold and their manufacturer. The sky is the limit on solar products for the everyday consumer.

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