Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on is a simple email and text alert system that makes it difficult for patients to forget their medications. Better health equals a better life for you and your loved ones. is putting its health-improving story in front of the public with a new campaign on IndieGoGo. To help consumers who need assistance remembering to take medications or supplements regularly and on time, offers a low-cost web-cell-based service that reminds subscribers when to take each pill. With many baby boomers and their parents now taking multiple medications and supplements for chronic conditions, this service, which will send reminder emails and/or text messages to phones, can be a significant aid that increases the accuracy of medical treatment.

A recent Atlantic Monthly article that featured a study on noncompliance of medications says, "According to a meta-analysis published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Americans are failing to comply with medication prescriptions for a variety of reasons -- and it's costing them anywhere between $100 billion to $289 billion a year." Even more importantly, the article points out the enormous cost in health for Americans. An estimated 125,000 Americans lose their lives every year - about the same as die of stroke and accidents - because of incorrect use of medication. Millions more suffer unnecessarily or don't get better as quickly as they might. is a simple and effective aid to improve the ability of subscribers or their ailing parents or children to take their medications accurately. After creating your short profile with only your email address and phone. Setting up multiple alerts takes seconds (faster than a smart phone) for the medications and supplements they take. The subscriber will immediately begin receiving reminders that can improve their health. doesn't need detailed medical or prescription information in order to do its job, which protects the privacy of subscribers. At the correct time, subscribers simply get a text or email that says, "Don't forget to take two of the blue pills."

"If we can get this service to be self-sustaining, and it doesn't take much, then we can get this service adopted by many many big conglomerate medical companies. Ultimately, this simple service can end up helping alot of people. I mean alot of people...especially seniors and kids at risk." mentioned Mitch Pelletier, President. hopes to raise $150,000 to make improvements to the system and fund marketing to recruit enough consumers, doctors offices and pharmacies to make the product economically sustainable. Contributions to the
crowdfunding campaign can be made here: ... Never Forget to Take Your Pills Again! requires only very limited information, something privacy conscious consumers appreciate. Beyond supplying email address and cell phone number if using the dual reminder system, you don't have to provide any sensitive information. is perfect for reminding a loved one to take their pills, or remember their doctor's appointment, or even to remember to pick up your loved one at a certain time. Custom alerts are easy to set up. What sets apart, is that you can set up the reminder online for someone else, like a loved one. Access is online and not restricted to one's individual smart phone, or a 'one-sided' personal reminder service, so family members can set up reminder alerts for senior parents, children and other loved ones, as well as themselves. is simple & easy, much more than any other service in existance today.

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