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Religious Leader and Teacher Offers Financial Therapy for Entire Communities

Rabbi Cantor Eliezer Kepecs, has recently begun helping entire communities fix their financial problems. His innovative techniques, can permanently alter a community's future with very little risk.

Rabbi Cantor Eliezer Kepecs, a religious leader, concert artist, motivational speaker, and educator of over 25 years, has recently begun helping entire communities behind the pulpit, fix their financial problems. His innovative techniques, utilizing the "Power of the Many," can be powerful enough to permanently alter the course of an organization's financial future, a house of worship's future, or an individual's future with very little risk. Imagine a Synagogue working toward the goal of making the dues structure completely obsolete.

"I've been helping people my entire adult life, deal with their life cycle events, from the birth of a child, to death," Cantor Kepecs said. "Now, I get to help them in a way that I wasn't able to do before. It's very refreshing."

Cantor Kepecs, who has sung all around the world before dignitaries including Pope John Paul II, in concerts featuring traditional Cantorial music, Neapolitan songs, as well as Italian, French, American, and German Opera, explains he has been "blessed with some of the most fantastic teachers one could have." From music, to religious matters, to big business, Cantor Kepecs' vast knowledge is also quite unique.

"When it comes to big business, I've learned from my teachers, Millionaires and Billionaires, how the 'real' world works. From the time we are children, we grow up trained to spend our entire lives thinking in a way that is counter-productive, actually hurting ourselves, and preventing us from getting ahead in life. It is for those few who realize this mistake and take measures to correct it, that allow the seas to part, letting one through to a more prosperous time ahead." He explains that those who are closed minded, will be locked into their own world, forever, never to understand where true prosperity comes from. He added, "A great student must find a great teacher, and together they can accomplish miracles." Cantor Kepecs originally heard this from his Biblical Archaeology and Chinese Philosophy Professor back in his college days. This concept also comes from Ethics of the Fathers, where the Sage, Yehoshua ben Prachya says: "Establish for yourself a teacher, acquire for yourself a friend, and judge every person favorably." Without a mentor to respect, a person is directionless, which holds true for financial prosperity as well.

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