Religion & Human History

Book Author Charleston Parker Exposes History of Religion & Humanity.

Author Charleston Parker of the book ONE Soul Many FACES - REVEALING THE HIDDEN TRUTH is a prominent self-taught theologian and scholar. He has dedicated many years of research within world religion history of Christianity, dogma and mysticism. He has uncovered the amazing truth behind the fingerprint of the creator of the universe we call God (The Source).

This amazing book will unleash the greatest secret ever known to mankind and show how society traditions has kept us in bondage by not allowing for us to understand what happens after death and our purpose on earth. Charleston Parker has always believed if you want to find the truth in this corrupt world you have to be like Indiana Jones and go on a treasure hunt to find the truth. As a good explorer you have to go back to the beginning of time and piece the puzzle back together in order to discover the secrets of life.

He will present to you in this book the unsolved mysteries of mankind. He has one desire for humanity, to expose the truth that all souls are a fractal of God and we are all Co-Creators of the Source. He is hoping this book will give you the opportunity to find your true self within your spirit and soul. Thousands of hours have gone into the research for this book in order to find the truth. Charleston Parker would like to express his sincere thankfulness to the creator we call God (The Source).