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Very happy to announce the launching of a new Magazine titled "Spirit of Style". The purpose of this publication is to Bless the reader. There are so many heros and she-roe's in life that we sometimes forget to say Thanks.

Magazine seeking the ordinary with a special flair that equates to extra-ordinary. The category includes people,places and animals. All entries will require sponsorship. The sponsorship will qualify entry into Spirit of Style. There will be several stages of sponsorship in all categories.The terms will be discuss with potential sponsors. Sponsors from Organizations,Businesses,Schools, and individuals.Magazine is also seeking those that aspire to be featured displaying that special something that makes someone,a city,group and don't forget special and extra-ordinary animals. Space is very limited. So please if there is knowledge of people that are are very talented,choose to sponsor them,also is there a special place or motel thats really something else,and finally is there any knowledge of an animal that has a winning spirit amongst other animals? There is a forum to represent, right here at " Spirit of Style" .The magazine is scheduled to launch March 2013. Advertisers and electronic displays are welcome and necessary. Contact is available below and get ready to present to the world awesome "Spirit of Style, because it's just "Style set Apart".

call: 615-323-7168

email: mzsharon77@att.net

Or write to: " Spirit of Style Media"
PO Box 7875
Portland, Tn. 37148

* All entries sent by postal mail will receive special discounts*

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Mz Sharon
Spirit of Style

Spirit of Style
POBox 7875 Portland, Tn.
Portland, TN 37148
United States