Relationship Expert Reveals How To Tame The Green Eyed Jealousy Monster

Jealousy invariably erodes relational bonds. In this week's Ask Dr. Love radio show, Dr. Jamie Turndorf discusses the causes of jealousy and outlines how couples can set themselves free by healing the underlying factors that fuel it.

Jealousy holds millions of relationships hostage, and it doesn't have to!

Just as anger is an emotional smokescreen that conceals other, often buried emotions, jealousy conceals deeper issues--specifically Old Scars from childhood. In this week's show, Dr. Turndorf connects the dots to explain how childhood loss, abuse, neglect and rejection trigger low self-esteem, fear of rejection and fear of abandonment, all of which create the emotional soil in which jealousy germinates.

Tune into this week's show to find out what kinds of Old Scars fan the flames of jealousy and how healing the underlying issues is the key to setting relationships free from this emotional prison.

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Dr.Tundorf's advice and methods will improve your love and sex life whether or not you're having problems -- but if you are -- be sure to tune in and even call in to the Ask Dr Love radio show and get help from one of today's top relationship experts. As Dr. Turndorf says, "Knowledge Is Your Key To Happy Relationships!"

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