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Relationship Advice For Men : 5 Mindsets Women Are Hardwired To Find Attractive

Latest breakthrough in relationship advice comes with scientific proof and research data. One author uncovers 5 core mindsets that women naturally find attractive.

A popular self help author has recently launched an interesting new relationship advice course which may signal a major breakthrough in our understanding of romantic attraction. The author, Shafin de Zane, uncovered 5 specific behavior patterns which we humans (specifically women) are hardwired to find attractive through evolution.

First, the theory behind the product. As it is obvious, all women are attracted to men with higher intelligence, social status, good looks and a sunny personality. Men are attracted by women with certain curvature of the body, sense of humor, gentle behavior and caring attitude. But why? It turns out that's the way our brain is programmed. Throughout our human evolutionary history of the last 1.5 million years or so, human females have preferred males who possessed higher levels of intelligence rather than simply the ability to kill a tiger bare handed. This has resulted in our super technological societies today where humans are probably one of the physically weakest species in the planet but the deadliest predator just the same: using sheer brain power.

Enter Shafin De Zane, a Hypnotherapist and author, whose lifelong search has been understanding why we humans feel attracted to the people we do, what causes that romantic attraction, what are the forces at play in the background of romantic relationships. By reverse engineering romantic relationship behavior across the planet, De Zane recently compiled a list of 5 core mindsets of men that women have evolved to value over all the others. These mindsets and their subsequent display through specific mating behavior in presence of potential mates is what create "attraction magic" in the words of De Zane.

Quite curiously, because these are evolutionarily selected traits, men are also hardwired to not display any of these traits in presence of a woman who is significantly higher quality than himself. This explains why most men fumble and stutter, lose their words and feels like their brain has frozen in presence of a very attractive woman. De Zane says "it is their emotional brain that is going into a state of override, logical thinking and positive talk will be of no help here".

To solve this specific problem and to teach men what these 5 mindsets are and how to incorporate those mindsets into their personalities naturally, De Zane has launched his new relationship advice home study course "5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men" available at He calls it "relationship advice with scientific proof".

Where most dating advice products teach clever techniques and interesting theories, the "5 Mindsets" program goes far deeper into showing men how to uncover their most natural masculine self and practice being there. De Zane combines his expertise in hypnotherapy by including specific modules dedicated to reprogram the listener with the help of professional hypnotic induction and brain entrainment technology.

According do De Zane, "When de-program all the negative programming of the childhood, the media, the wounds of the psyche, what remains is a man in his most natural self. And that is what is naturally attractive to a balanced feminine woman. You don't need any clever mind games, you don't need artificial pheromones and you don't need pickup lines. A real masculine man is naturally attractive to a real feminine woman. It's just how attraction works."

A must have dating advice product for all men looking to improve their romantic life or simply becoming a more powerful masculine man, this program is most certain to change many lives in the years to come.

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