Redspect group of companies welcomes tourism and investment companies from UK and USA to invest in Libya

Redspect group of companies, renowned group of companies having established networks in Libya is now welcoming investment and tourism companies from USA and UK to partner with them.

Redspect international, Libya's UK partners in inward investment in infrastructure announce tourism investment and are seeking partners for solid inward investment projects and business proposals which are available to view to investment groups .A groundbreaking trade and investment agreement inked between Libya and the U.S. made this possible and Libya lifting all visa restrictions on U.S. citizens traveling to the country is seen as the catalyst for tourism ventures

As the UK is well positioned, top companies from the USA and UK are being head hunted by companies like Redspect international group of companies, who already have established networks in Libya to discuss possible Joint venture proposals being centered around their UK office and Tripoli offices. Redspect international group of companies have sent out an open invitation and is inviting strong international companies to bring their skills to the consortium.

Mike Rouse, international overseas contracts director for government projects of Redspect international group of companies and CEO of B2G consortium, on a recent interview said that he sees the latest pact as a milestone in U.S.-Libyan relations. He further said that "the USA has a huge opportunity if they partner quickly and efficiently with us, as we are the main player in Libya in this sector, it will cut out much of the red tape and establish them quickly".

Libya, long shrouded in mystery, has earned a cult reputation in recent years among adventure enthusiasts and the discerning cultural traveler. Long a crossroads of ancient civilizations, Libya is an incredible land of majestic classical ruins and awe-inspiring desert landscapes and is home to five UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Roman ruins of Leptis Magna and Sabratha; the Hellenic ruins of Cyrene; the desert town of Ghadames; and the Rock-Art Sites of the freakish Tadrart Akakus.

To summarize, an instant local presence in the center of Libya's capital city, Tripoli is available for companies who act swiftly and can prove their capabilities. Mike Rouse will be holding meetings in his UK and Tripoli offices and welcomes interested parties who can contact his office on +0044 191 2420388 (UK office) or at +(218)0923031763(Tripoli office). On a lighter note, mike said that "late comers will miss the boat (with a smile in his face)". Companies can also visit for more information about other deals.

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