Redship... The Ultimate Care Package!

It goes without saying that nothing's better than receiving a care package. has created the ULTIMATE CARE PACKAGE that's as much fun to receive as it is to send. A giant red tube arriving in the mail makes you feel red carpet worthy!

The Candy Bombers are back! Big Red Tubes are Landing Everywhere!

It's 1948 and the Berlin Airlift is underway. The mission: to deliver provisions to those who were being cut off by the Soviet Blockade. During the supply flights groups of children would wait for the famous pilots known as the candy bombers who dropped candy tied to parachutes from their planes. These provisions lifted their spirits during a time of change and uncertainty.

To this day, many of those children, now grown adults remember how special this show of care was. Times have changed but the message hasn't, sending care packages full of treats will put a smile on anyone's face and bring comforts and memories of home. To quote from Harlan Cohen, the bestselling author of The Happiest Kid on Campus: " students love care packages -no, they are obsessed. I can't even count how many times students mentioned the pure joy of getting a care package in the mail." aims to create excitement. When a giant red one-of-a kind tube arrives in the mail with your name on it, you they instantly know someone is thinking about you! makes it fast and easy for family and friends to show they care and stay connected to a special person. We don't believe in overcomplicating the product selection or the order process, in fact, you can order right from our home page. Less is more because more becomes better with less is our motto.

When we create care packages, our goal is to always have customers feel confident they are sending the most loved items when they place their order. We use a combination of snack industry statistics and student approvals and suggestions to determine what our care package contents will consist of. We also attend an annual International Snack expo to see what's new in chips, cookies, and candy and incorporate some of those items in our care packages as well.

All our care packages are lined with an extra-large RedShip laundry bag and filled with everything from fresh baked cookies, a Chinese meal with a microwavable bowl and chopsticks, gourmet popcorn and gummy bears. Plus we throw in some not-so-easy to find treats like the highly addictive Nutella (chocolate/hazelnut spread), Pocky (chocolate covered biscuit sticks) and fortune cookies! offers five packages , the bigger the container, the more fun things inside. 1.Small--$44.95 2. Medium-$54.95 3.Large--$64.95 4.XLarge--$94.95 5.Healthy--$49.95. With our Red Carpet Club customers can buy once and send multiple packages throughout the year. believes in social responsibility and donates a meal through Feeding America with each package purchased.

First and foremost it's about fun, fun for the person receiving it and fun for the person sending it!
For more information contact or 1-855-9REDRED (855-973-3733)

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