The Shyne School

Redmond and Woodinville Preschool Embraces a Child Lead Curriculum and Strives to Develop the Whole Child

The Shyne School is a preschool located in Woodinville and Redmond, Washington that offers before and after school care for Kindergarden and 1st graders. It is an Early Learning School that aims to enrich each child's development in all areas.

In a society where learning in school can be overshadowed by a barrage of tech innovations and social media, sending children to an excellent educational system is essential. It is highly critical to find a place for children and toddlers starting preschool that extends beyond promoting cognitive learning. Parents understand that sending their little ones to preschool or daycare also enhances the social, emotional, creative and physical aspects of their growth.

The Shyne School, located in Woodinville and Redmond in Washington State, offers specialized programs for children ages 1 to 8, in Kindergarden and 1st grade. It aims at providing a place for children, their families, and teachers to come together and build a sense of community were everyone belongs. Notably, the Redmond preschool promotes an environment that supports children as they learn and grow in all areas of development.

"We strive to provide opportunities and guidance for children to develop critical thinking skills about others, their environment and the world around them," Katrina Brooke, Director of The Shyne School, says. "We support families by offering flexible, safe and affordable learning programs that exceed their expectations and state requirements."

Detailing its programs at, the Redmond daycare embraces a curriculum that provides for hands-on activities supervised by caring, dedicated and professional teachers and staff. The Shyne School offers flexible schooling programs to adjust to the child's family's need for a better schedule, which includes part-week and full-week options. The School also accepts a limited number of before and after school children during school holidays. In addition, school-age transportation to local elementary schools K-6 is also provided.

Importantly, The Shyne School ensures that parents are well aware of the learning process that their children go through. With lesson plans e-mailed to them on a weekly basis, parents are informed about the various learning opportunities provided by the school.

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The Shyne School
13613 Avondale Road Northeast
Woodinville, WA 98072
(425) 882-1981

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