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Rebooting a Remote PoE Device with An Ethernet Extender

Perle offers a new unique feature that enables a central site to reset the remote PoE device without a truck roll.

Perle Systems, a global manufacturer of advanced Ethernet over Fiber and secure device networking solutions, today announces that its Ethernet Extenders support unique feature enabling a central site to remotely reset PoE devices.

Power over Ethernet ( PoE ) equipment such as IP cameras and wireless access points are generally deployed in areas that are isolated and hard to reach -- ceilings, rooftops, light poles, along fences, pipelines and transit routes. Periodically an issue arises that can be resolved with a simple "Power Off then On" ( Power Reboot ) of the device. A typical scenario would be a remote IP camera that is no longer operating correctly and requires corrective action to be taken via a Power Reboot. However, given the isolated location of the equipment, this can be difficult to accomplish without a "truck roll" - the dispatch of a maintenance truck or other vehicle to an off-site location. Truck rolls are expensive and time consuming, especially when equipment is down.

Perle's Powered Device (PD) Reset Feature allows a central site administrator to momentarily turn off Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) output power supplied to the remote PoE Device for 2 seconds initiating a reboot.

"We understand that our customers want time and cost-efficient ways to solve their problems. With this unique feature our customers can solve a lot of issues by simply performing a Power Reboot from a central site which makes a truck roll unnecessary" says John Feeney, COO at Perle Systems. "Our Power over Ethernet Extenders are the only copper extenders on the market offering the Powered Device Reset Feature."

For more detailed information consult our technical note page about the "Powered Device (PD) Reset Feature" or browse our PoE Ethernet Extender product line.

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