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London's finest to help you tone your body and then recharge and rejuvenate! Reboot Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camps leads the way in the trend for fitness camps.

Reboot Dorset is a fitness and weight loss company that is situated in the serene plains of West Dorset, just two and a half hours by train from the capital. Voted as the number 1 among weight loss and fitness boot camp, London by the Independent Magazine, Reboot offers a very unique experience in Weight loss. They provide guests with luxury accommodation at their manor house in the country side, just a few minutes from the beach. One can check out their details at:

David Blume lauds Reboot thus, "As the name suggests, Reboot is a human CTL-ALT-DELETE. No matter how fit (or not) you are Reboot is individually tailored to push you to YOUR limits. You get stronger physically and mentally and set on the right path to maintain your health and Fitness."

"I was a little apprehensive but when I arrived everybody was really friendly. The team at Reboot are excellent and the knowledge between them is incredible. Everything about Reboot is fantastic. I now have all the tools to continue my journey and feel very positive about the future. I have achieved far more than I ever thought possible!" admits Vanessa Gordon.

The problem with the fitness regimes across the world is the concentration only on pushing oneself, feels Mark, founder and head of Reboot. It is the belief of the team that the body can function better only if it is rested and rejuvenated. Thus this boot camp London includes a therapy team which provides various post fitness activity services such as massages.

The boot camp London's biggest success story so far is its own event coordinator - Neil Heritage. Neil is a war veteran who lost both his legs to a suicide bombing in 2004 and was told he would never walk again. Instead Neil ran the Bournemouth Triathlon on bionic legs.

To train for the event, Neil attended the Reboot fitness boot camp, London to push himself to the limit. The psychological encouragement he received from Mark and team set him up to fly to his ambitions. A person with commitment such as his was such an inspiration for other attendees that when an opening came up later at Reboot, he was the perfect fit. Many patrons still regard Neil as one of the biggest inspirations of their lives.

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