Reasons to Visit Canada

There are many reasons to visit Canada, as any proud native would be willing to tell you. There are sights to see, activities to do, and friendly people to meet.

There are many reasons to visit Canada, as any proud native would be willing to tell you. There are sights to see, activities to do, and friendly people to meet. For many foreigners, Canada is also a place to be reunited with family members who have long since become permanent residents in the country. Canada has a very rich and diverse culture thanks to the number and diversity of foreigners that flock to the country each year. The chance to visit relatives living in Canada provides a major motivation for many foreigners to obtain a Canadian visa, even if this means meeting visa requirements such as obtaining invitations to visit the country and buying Super Visa insurance.

However, for tourists who do not have family in the country, there are still plenty of reasons to plan at least a short vacation.

Progressive Urban Cities

The largest cities in Canada are highly progressive. Their residents enjoy the comforts and luxuries that can be expected from a modern and urbanized country. Commercial establishments are open to the public, and government offices and public services are available to people in need of police or medical assistance. Transportation is not a problem since there are many different modes of land, air, and water travel available. While the major routes cover the main urban hubs, regional transportation is also available, even in remote locations such as the Northern Territories. Of course, the more remote locations may have limited access to public transportation, but they are nevertheless still accessible (especially remote locations that are popular among tourists).

The people in these cities are also interesting themselves. Canada is a melting pot of cultures, a country that is frequented by people from all over the globe. Many foreigners choose to live permanently here, adding to the rich diversity of the country's culture.

A Country with a Big Backyard

One of the best things about Canada is that it has managed to preserve its natural environment despite the ongoing progress of its cities and towns. There are still many forests, mountains, open spaces and bodies of water that are untouched by urbanization. It is not uncommon to find vast forested parks close to or even within the major cities. When you go to the outskirts of the main cities and drive along the national highways, you will find plenty of breathtaking views, hiking trails to explore and campgrounds where you can rest.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports

The natural climate and terrain of Canada makes it ideal for various outdoor sports. Since the country experiences all four seasons, summer and winter sports are very popular all over the country. Outdoor adventure sports like hiking, trekking, scuba diving, ATV driving, cycling, and swimming are very popular, not only among the locals but among tourists as well. Field and indoor sports like lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, and ice hockey are also widely played. Various tournaments occur for these sports each year. In some areas along the coasts of British Colombia, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia, surfing is a popular sport that people enjoy even during the winter season. Speaking of winter, skiing, sledding, and tobogganing are the main winter sports that locals and tourists alike look forward to during the cold, snowy months.

Each foreign tourist will have their own personal expectations about Canada and reasons for visiting. They can be certain that even if those expectations are not met, they will still find something worthwhile and worth remembering during their stay in Canada.

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