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Realty TV Mom Kris Jenner Can't Stop Smoking, Is Her Smoking Habit Keeping Her Away From New Grandson?

Kris Jenner (Keeping Up With The Kardashians) has been given an ultimatum by her daughter Kourtney to either quit smoking or she will not be able to be in direct contact with her new born grandson.

Cigarette Smokers, like Kris Jenner are well aware of the risks when it comes to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Cigarette smoking damages the smokers lungs but the second hand smoke is even more deadlier to people who don't smoke, especially new born babies.

For this reason, Kourtney Kardashian has given Kris Jenner an ultimatum, either she quits smoking or finds a safer alternative, until then she will need to take a shower after each cigarette she smokes if she wants to hold her new grandson Mason. Smokers are finding out that the toxic chemicals and carcinogens that are found in tobacco cigarettes are doing considerable damage to their internal organs most commonly their lungs and heart.

Studies have shown that children who have parents that smoke have a 60% chance of developing lung cancer and dementia in the future. This study proves that all smokers, need to quit smoking or find a safer alternative before it is too late.

The director of relations of Solar Cigarette has reached out to Kris Jenner in an attempt to offer a safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes with the use of their 2nd generation smokeless electronic cigarettes.

Over 90% of smokers try to quit smoking but end up picking up the habit again because the nicotine cravings are so overwhelming. These smokeless cigarettes give smokers the same feeling of smoking traditional cigarettes but without all of the deadly tar and carcinogens that have been linked to second hand smoke and other lung diseases.

These smokeless cigarettes are also helping other celebrity smokers lose weight after they have given up the habit by the use of the patent pending vitamin and mineral packs. These vitamin packs supply the smoker with the vitamins that have been stolen from their body by smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The Solar Cigarette smokeless cigarettes are very beneficial to smokers like Kris Jenner, not only to improve their health and prevent weight gain, but also to help anyone who has smoked cigarettes in the past limit their risks of being diagnosed with heart and lung disease in their future.

Read the Story Below on Kourtney Kardashian Gives Kris Jenner An Ultimatum To Quit Smoking Or Else=======

"I had my TV on E! while working and an episode came on Keeping up with the Kardashians. A particularly funny and a bit strange situation happened with Kardashians' mom Kris Jenner. The girls were trying to get Kris to quit smoking. Kris Jenner was shamed by her daughters for her stinky habit."

"The reality mom of Keeping up with the Kardashians was not allowed to carry her grandson Mason. Kourtney Kardashian refused to let her hold the kid unless she showered after smoking."

"Here was where the ignorance about the dangers of cigarettes showed painfully. In an attempt to shame mom, Kim Kardashian thought it'd be a good idea to pretend that her 14 year old sister was trying smoking because her mom smokes. So, she bought a brand of Herbal cigarettes, rationalizing to dad Bruce Jenner that they "don't contain nicotine" so they are safe."

Read the full report at: Kris Jenner Can't Seem To Quit Smoking


The head of Solar Cigarette has put together a 14 day trial package for smokers are serious about quitting smoking for good and also help them keep the weight off after they have quit smoking with their patent pending vitamin packs which provides smokers with vitamins and minerals to promote health and wellness while they are smoking these smokeless cigarettes.

The 2nd generation smokeless cigarettes are now available to the public who would like improve their way of life without having to be tied down to tobacco cigarettes and the expensive taxes to obtain them.

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