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Really Outdoors Releases Barrel Dry Gun Desiccant

Really Outdoors specializes in hunting products and archery accessories. Barrel Dry has recently been created to help reduce moisture in gun barrels as well as act as a muzzle protector.

Really Outdoors is proud to announce the release of its newest product...Barrel Dry.

Barrel Dry was designed to help remove moisture from your gun barrel using a color changing desiccant. Desiccant can only absorb a certain amount of moisture before they become ineffective. Really Outdoors designed the Barrel Dry to use the color changing desiccant so that users know that their gun barrel is getting maximum protection.

Barrel Dry was also created to act as a muzzle plug. The patent pending design protects the muzzle of your barrel from water, mud, drop damage and whatever other unfortunate occurrences might take place to your valuable weapon.

The barrel plug is made of a pliable rubber than fits many barrel sizes. The bright orange plug handle allows you to easily see that the Barrel Dry is in place and protecting your barrel.

The patented design of the Barrel Dry allows you to add multiple desiccant cartridges into your barrel, and easily replace the desiccant cartridge once the color indicator lets you know it's time to replace the desiccant.

Packs of replacement desiccant cartridges are sold in 5 packs to give you years of assurance that your barrel will be kept dry and safe.

The Barrel Dry is also effective in gun safes and gun cases...even if Golden Rod, Heaters or dehumidifiers are already in place. 'You know you have a Golden Rod in your safe, but how do you really know it's working?', asks Ed McCaffrey of Really Outdoors. 'Now you can insert a Barrel Dry into the barrel of your favorite gun or pistol, and look at the desiccant to know that your barrel isn't going to rust or oxidize while it's in storage".

Barrel Dry is made and distributed by Really Outdoors. Really Outdoors has many other products for the hunting and archery industry such as scopes, cocking ropes, Shooting Rest, protective crossbow cases and more.

For more information about Barrel Dry, go to www.barreldry.com.

For information about becoming a reseller or purchasing Really Outdoors products, visit www.reallyoutdoors.com

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