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Cash Flow Depot, a leading real estate investor training website, is pleased to announce its online training programs that focus on risk-free ways to make money without the need for capital or bank financing.

Cash Flow Depot has been into real estate investor training for many years and continues to teach investors how to make money in various ways with calculated or no risks. The site has 15 training modules that include more than 200 hours of video training, 300 hours of audio lessons, and hundreds of articles among others. One online seminar entitled, "Twelve Step Road to Riches", is being given away for free. Students who avail of this package can also get the 30-day free membership trial and gain access to the site's member's only page where various real estate training courses and the latest in real estate news can be found.

"Most people think that money and bank financing are necessary in real estate investing", says Jackie Lange, the general manager of Cash Flow Depot. "At Cash Flow Depot, we negate this thought as it really is possible to make money even if you have none. Many people in fact enter the real estate business to make money so it makes perfect sense to teach people how to do it without having money in the first place", she further adds.

When told by one critic that her statement appears too good to be true, Jackie has this to say. "Try our free online learning program so you will see the quality training we provide our students. The free online seminar entitled Twelve Step Road to Riches includes 24 videos and 24 audio lessons that contain a step by step guide to real estate investing. This seminar is a real bonus as it used to retail at $495."

Cash Flow Depot basically offers a chance at living the good life by entering the world of real estate. Many critics are saying that their statements are rather ambitious, but Cash Flow Depot lays its cards down with proof of its successful graduates. Students essentially learn how to make money in real estate without buying any property and without going to the bank to apply for financing. These strategies are the same techniques used by the real estate investors who are also the teachers and instructors of Cash Flow Depot.

"I have made more money than I made the rest of my life put together", says Jantzen Matzdorff of Austin, Texas. "I read Jackie's book about a year and a half ago, and it opened my eyes to a new niche in real estate. Since that time, I have made more money than I made the rest of my life put together. It gave me the tools that I needed to get started and to start making money right away. It was perfect for me, because I did not have as much experience or money as some of the big players in my real estate market", he further adds.

Cash Flow Depot gives credit to the real estate investors who have devoted their time and energy to train new investors make money. These real estate gurus are Peter Fortunato, Lonnie Scruggs, David Tilney, Jack Miller and Jackie Lange. Deemed as experts in real estate investing, these teachers are real-life investors who enjoy both teaching and making money in real estate.

Interested parties may simply visit or call 1-888-282-1882 for more information. Cash Flow Depot offers real estate investor training that offers a solution at making money in real estate without having any to begin with.

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