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Real Estate Investor Training Program for 1 Year Is Made More Affordable at Cash Flow Depot

Cash Flow Depot, a leading online real estate investor training company, announces the price reduction of its Next Level real estate investor training program for 1 year. The package includes personal coaching and access to a library of materials.

Cash Flow Depot is, once again, giving real estate investors a good reason to invest in their 1year real estate investor training program. The company has reduced the price of its one year membership package from $497 to $297. This is equivalent to $47 a month, which many investors consider to be a good bargain. This promotional offer is good until May 15, 2014.

Jackie Lange, the general manager of the company says, "We have reduced the price of our Next Level program, but we assure you that the quality of the package is the same. Students will still receive 24-7 access to our library of training materials, which includes audios, videos, books, manuals, and articles. They will also get personal coaching from our team of experienced real estate investors. At Cash Flow Depot, we always strive to stay true to our word - providing affordable, quality real estate investor training."

In addition, Cash Flow Depot's Next Level training also comes with motivated seller leads and what Jackie refers to as "angel investors". According to Jackie, motivated sellers are the lifeblood of any real estate business. Cash Flow Depot posts weekly leads, to help students find good investment deals.

"We post leads weekly and teach you how to get a flood of leads in your area. We will also help you evaluate and analyze the investment potential of these leads", says Jackie.

When asked what she means by "angel investors", Jackie smiles and replies, "These are the people that Cash Flow Depot has helped over the years. Now, we've invited them to participate in our training program by helping new investors get started. Students will simply need to post their funding needs and proposals in the Private Lender/Funding Partner section, so our angel investors can respond."

Is real estate investor training worth it? Jackie answers this question with a thought provoking response. "How would you know unless you try? Many people think that taking real estate training is a waste of time and money. Learning something new or enhancing a skill that you already have are never wasteful. You will find that there's always something new to learn, new places to discover, and new people to meet. Real estate investor training can just be what you're looking for to be financially independent and successful."

Jean Pizzoferrato from Ohio says, "There is so much valuable information on this site. I love the depot. It is like having the best minds in real estate right in my office anytime I want to learn."

Cash Flow Depot is offering a discounted price for its Next Level, 1-year real estate investor training program until May 15, 2014. The price of this package is $297 for one year access to quality real estate training and some of the best minds in the industry. Interested parties may visit or call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1882 for details.

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