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Real Estate Investment Expert Releases New Book: Job + Real Estate = Wealth

Book Empowers Readers to Acquire Wealth Through "Part-Time" Real Estate Investing

As a highly-respected real estate investment expert, Francis Fernando has built a thriving business - and a lucrative real estate portfolio - on his innovative JOB + REAL ESTATE = WEALTHâ„¢ methodology. This proven approach is based on a simple, yet effective, concept: keep your "day job," learn to make smart real estate investments "on the side" and acquire more wealth. Now, in Fernando's new book, JOB + REAL ESTATE = WEALTH, he provides instructions, tips and best practices, educating and empowering readers to become successful "part-time" real estate investors.

"I'm happy to introduce my new book, an actionable guide to part-time real estate investing, based on my proven methodology and training initiative of the same name. My approach demonstrates that real estate investments aren't just for the wealthy - it's attainable, achievable, scalable and sustainable for average, middle-income people with a little extra cash to invest," said Francis Fernando, President and Founder of Total Solutions Property Management, author, entrepreneur, coach and speaker. "The book helps people develop strong, powerful habits, behaviors and skills to maximize their successes as real estate investors."

"Readers will learn how to get started in real estate by getting into the right mindset, determine good investments (and avoid the bad ones), build a winning team, secure the best prices/rates and follow a proven, methodical process to build a lucrative real estate portfolio," Fernando continued.

The unique "how to" book outlines clear, actionable steps, providing valuable information in a simple, non-intimidating way. It will inspire people to keep their day job and invest in real estate "on the side" to increase their wealth.

"The JOB + REAL ESTATE = WEALTH book, program and methodology are for 'regular' people - not the super wealthy. This isn't about buying expensive, 200+ unit buildings," Fernando explained. "It's about helping new investors find the right investment properties, allowing them to systematically increase their wealth."

Unlike the competitors, who often work with wealthy clients looking to make major real estate purchases, this book is aimed at people who are new to real estate investing and may not have a lot of cash to invest.

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About Francis Fernando

Francis Fernando is the President and Founder of Total Solutions Property Management, a thriving Real Estate Asset Management Company, and a successful real estate investor, author, entrepreneur, coach and speaker. For years, Fernando has successfully invested in real estate, acquiring a variety of profitable properties for himself and his growing roster of investment partners and clients.

Fernando started Total Solutions Property Management in 2006, and under his expert leadership, the company has grown from a small start-up firm to a highly successful, profitable, well-respected real estate investment business. Total Solutions Property Management now manages more than 500 residential units and represents prestigious, high-profile clients, including US Bank, Wells Fargo, California National Bank and other local, national and international investors and investments firms.

Fernando has created an innovative JOB + REAL ESTATE = WEALTH system, which includes a methodology, a training program and an informative book by the same name. He educates and empowers "regular" people about part-time investing, showing them how to acquire and preserve wealth through real estate.

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