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Real Estate Book Receives Spectacular Reviews and Market Feedback

Jack Miller teaches and inspires with his awesome real estate book entitled, "Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer". The book highlights Miller's triumphs and failures in real estate investing.

Jack Miller's "Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer" has received much acclaim from real estate enthusiasts. This real estate book talks about Miller's 45-year journey in real estate investing and has most certainly captured the hearts of his followers. Retailing at for only $12.95, the book educates and inspires while it entertains its readers with Miller's amusing stories detailing his rollercoaster career as a real estate investor.

"What we really like about the book is that it doesn't only talk about Miller's successes but also his failures", states one book fan from Dallas, Texas. "It depicts realism that most real estate investors can relate to", she further adds. The book does indeed contain Miller's triumphs to which investors can gain inspiration from as well as fallbacks that offer very valuable insights to real estate investing.

Miller is very pleased with the book's very positive market feedback. "This book will give you a chance to not only peek at my feet of clay, but to realize that everyone has them", says the author. He hopes that some of the lessons he's learned along the way will serve most useful to the readers; thus, enabling them to avoid investing mistakes firsthand. In the book, Miller tells his readers that real estate investing is not for the faint hearted but success from it is very possible and comes to those with perseverance and optimism.

This real estate investing book covers various real estate topics such as dealing with tenants, lease and options, selling a property, mortgages, loans and many others. These topics are placed inside stories based from Miller's own experiences. Readers will be entertained from start to finish as Miller narrates his own journey with creativity, enthusiasm and much passion. With this book, readers will clearly see that Miller has gained considerable success from real estate investing and truly enjoys from it up to this day.

"Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer" is available in eBook format at CashFlowDepot, a site dedicated in providing real estate investor training. Miller himself is instrumental in the creation of this website and is part of the site's team of coaches. Video and audio learning materials about real estate investing are being offered as well as Miller's other books that cover various topics in real estate investing.

Miller can retire comfortably from the fruits of his many investments, but he chooses to write books, articles and seminars in order to help people make money in real estate. Miller has reached the top of his game and now wants to impart his knowledge to other investors. He encourages people to set aside their egos, and avoid learning about real estate investing the hard way. With "Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer", investors will really get to learn tried and tested strategies that Miller has used in his 45-year career.

Miller's book is much talked about in the industry as it has greatly helped a lot of people succeed in real estate investing. Miller believes that people don't need to spend for expensive schooling just to earn big money. "Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer" teaches knowledge that an individual carries with him for the rest of his life.

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