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Real Estate Book Educates, Entertains and Elicits Favorable Responses from Readers

Cash Flow Depot, a leading real estate investor training website, is pleased to announce that the real estate book entitled "Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer" has gained a considerable following among investors.

"Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer"is just one of the many books being sold at the "Store" section of Cash Flow Depot. Just like all the other books in the site, this real estate book talks about risk-free strategies in real estate investing which is the main focus of Cash Flow Depot. Legendary investor and book author Jack Miller writes about his successes and failures in property investing. Readers therefore learn from his mistakes and follow his tried and tested strategies in the investing arena.

"The book is such a good read from beginning to end", says Chelsea from North Carolina. "I like the fact that Jack also shares the downsides to real estate investing. It's great that we get to learn it the easy way", she further adds.

Kevin from Idaho also has good words for Jack Miller and his book. "What's great about the book is that it really has helped me a lot in property investing. The author presents various scenarios that investors can relate to. This eBook also offers doable techniques that investors can use in real life situations", he says further.

Jack Miller is known as a "legend" in real estate investing because he has devised success formulas that have helped the careers of many investors. Here is what Jack has to say about his investing book. "This book will give you a chance to not only peek at my feet of clay, but to realize that everyone has them. To comprehend that perfection is not the alchemist's secret; perseverance is, as well as optimism and faith in oneself."

The author also hopes that the lessons he has learned as a real estate investor will serve most useful to others. "My goal is for the readers to avoid experiencing my mistakes firsthand and get the right advice. I always seem to get the advice after I have done the wrong thing. I hope that my readers will learn from the wrong things I did and avoid losing money in the end", Jack shares with a smile.

"Confessions of a Real Estate Wheeler Dealer" is available in eBook format at Cash Flow Depot's "Store" section for $6.95. The book contains stories based from Jack's own experiences. From difficult tenant tales to funny stories about leases and options, Jack educates while he entertains and inspires in this 90-page book.

"I think that this is one of the best books written by Jack", says Jackie Lange, general manager of Cash Flow Depot. "I consider it as one of his best books because it details his roller coaster career with wit, humor and creativity. Readers will really be entertained from start to finish. The stories in the book are real and to which readers can really learn a lot from. The fact that the book has gained favorable responses from various readers is icing on the cake", she adds further.

Real estate investors and book enthusiasts may get Jack Miller's real estate book at Interested parties may also call Jackie Lange at 1-888-282-1881 for more information.

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