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Reaction Games Launches Paid Version of Spot the Difference

Spot The Difference, a free game released by Reaction Games, is now available on paid version allowing gamers to purchase more puzzles to enjoy.

The era of fun and intelligent gaming - for tricking the mind, testing knowledge and strategies, or making fantasies come to life - has permeated the lives of people. Thanks to advanced gaming technologies, entertaining games can be played by anywhere by enthusiasts on the go, on just about any device, including smartphones.

Reaction Games LLC, a leading game developer, has created a fun free game specially designed for the iPad: Spot the Difference. Providing amazing gameplay, the object of the game is to find five differences between two images before a timer runs out.

Fun, interesting and challenging, the Spot the Difference! HD free boasts one of the biggest collections of free picture puzzles ever put together for people to find the inconspicuous difference. Also playable on the iPhone, Mini or Android Tablet, Spot the Difference features photo packs of people, places and various themes like Beaches, Babes, Cats, Dogs, Famous Cities, Famous Locations like New York, San Francisco, Popular Countries and Holiday themes like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines and Scary. The Spot the Difference game have a total of 250 puzzles available - and more are being released monthly.

Taking the mind stimulating game to the next level, Reaction Games has just released a paid version of Spot the Difference. With the newest development, gamers have the option to purchase more puzzles in game called In App Purchase. In addition, a full version of Spot the Difference has been released, in which all the Puzzles are available on freeplay requiring gamers a one-time fee instead of small purchases within the free version.

Detailed at, the game was designed around the popular Steampunk theme, featuring high quality user interface with high definition photo puzzles that are visually dazzling.

Avid Spot the Difference gamer Tessy19 gives the game five stars: "I love it! I find this application addictive. In fact, I finished half of the photos in less than an hour. The photos are really challenging. Kudos the developer, good job! Please put some more pictures."

To find out more about the paid Spot the Difference! HD released by Reaction Games, please visit for information.

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