Ray of Hope Church Offers Life Changing Experiences With God

Ray of Hope Church opens wide door for people from all the backgrounds to help people connect with God's word, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey.

Ray of Hope Church offers a fantastic opportunity to people to know God and gain more knowledge. Today people are so engrossed in their worldly needs that they are not able to stay happy and are leading a life of material gains. The Masihi Church offers God's word to such people who are losing faith in God and confused about what they should believe and what they shouldn't.

The church is making more sincere efforts to help the people explore the message of their heart.

Functions in New York and a senior Priest of the New York Church states that, " God is a our savior and he wants each and every individual to gain knowledge about his good works.

This is a multicultural church who has the desire to light the candle of faith in the heart of millions, so not only the individual but his or her whole family can engage in powerful worship of Jesus Christ which will bless them and give them the wisdom to understand what is right and wrong in God's eyes.

The devotees will understand the relevant ways of pleasing God and leading a practical life which pleases God." The senior priest says that this Church will offer relevant teachings and best worshipping experience to the people where friendship, compassion and care will be tasted at every step.

The Ray of hope Indian Church first began in Punjab which comes to aid of fresh and seasoned Christians. The Global ministries explain the connection between an individual and Lord Jesus who has been a real path finder for many people.

The church offers counseling sessions to those who have lost their faith or who are new to Bible. They share, support and hold hands of people to save their spiritual life and grow on the path of God which will lead to salvation.

The Ray of Hope Church will suggest ways in which people can preach once they make their relationship stronger with God. The preaching activities are carried after gaining enough knowledge about the Holy Bible and the preachers are trained for the same so they can walk fearlessly on the way of God and connect with several others to pray and worship together.

The wonderful messages of the Church will reach those who are blocked with circumstances and they will find ways to be an active member of the Church.

Every member of the church has a specified mission which will make one stronger spiritually. The Church people will help with Gospels and other messages of God so the one who is entangled with multiple problems can be a real path finder.

To know more about the church and to connect with the church people, Please visit http://www.rayofhopechurch.org/
Contact Information: http://www.rayofhopechurch.org/style-demo.html

81-10 35th Avenue

Jackson Heights

New York


Tel: 347-437-6559

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