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Raw Attraction Dating Magazine Launches to Give Practical Dating Advice for Men

Raw Attraction Magazine is the ultimate dating guide written by men who have extensive dating experience. Today, it is running a special offer for its first month - the magazine is free to download from the App Store.

Raw Attraction Magazine has the most charismatic writers whom are all dating multiple women or have done so in the past. They show how they are living their lives, abundant with women. To those who men who are fed about with a sexless, single life then Raw Attraction Magazine is the place to go to motivate you towards action.

Aside from dating tips, it also focuses on self-improvement, self-confidence, self-development and focusing on the power of now. At Raw Attraction Magazine they note that, "There is a growing number of men who realize that they have to improve themselves in order to date the women they want and it's not based on pick up lines and games - as is often the common theory when people read the book by Neil Strauss, 'The Game'."

This revolutionary and innovative magazine will have a profound impact on everyone's dating life. The mission is to eventually bring the male and female parts of the dating world together. At Raw Attraction magazine they feel that, "Dating advice for men and women has become more like two corners of a boxing ring, when it should be a dance. We aim to make it that way."

Raw Attraction Magazine aims to put more eligible men on the dating market having obtained real world advice. They aim to create a happier and more vibrant dating market for everyone. The dating arena is often a frustrating place for everyone and Raw Attraction Magazine aims to change into a better place for everyone involved.

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