RASIRC Introduces Steamer 225 for Vacuum & Atmospheric Processes

RASIRC announces new Steamer 225 for steam generation, purification and delivery to atmospheric and vacuum manufacturing processes. Unit addresses need for ultra-high purity water vapor delivery to lower pressure diffusion and oxidation processes.

RASIRC, the steam purification company, announced the new Steamer 225 for steam generation, purification and delivery to atmospheric and vacuum manufacturing processes. The Steamer 225 incorporates a compact modular design, featuring patented and patent-pending flow control, on-board diagnostics, an internal water filter, external valve control and next generation boiler and heaters. The unit also has a new LED indicator panel that provides key status details. The Steamer 225 is CE marked and SEMI S2 certified. RASIRC products deliver ultrapure water vapor for semiconductor, photovoltaics, nanotechnology and other manufacturing applications.

"Both semiconductor and photovoltaic manufacturing are increasing wafer lot size per load and using sub-atmospheric furnaces to improve uniformity, creating a demand for water vapor delivery to low pressure diffusion and oxidation processes," said Jeffrey Spiegelman, RASIRC founder and president. "The Steamer 225 delivers up to 12.5slm of ultra-high purity steam with greater reliability, flow control, cost efficiency and safety than either bubblers or torches. RASIRC Steamers have successfully replaced bubblers and vaporizers in atmospheric processes and now customers can transfer their atmospheric oxidation recipes directly into low pressure thermal oxidation processes."

The Steamer 225 combines a clean steam generator and purification assembly into a single system proven to increase oxide growth rate, chamber uniformity and film quality. The compact system requires only power, DI water and a drain to operate-no hydrogen safety system, chiller, compressed, or carrier gas, just 100% pure steam to the process. An internal non-porous hydrophilic membrane selectively allows water vapor to pass. All other molecules are greatly restricted, so contaminants in water such as dissolved gases, ions, TOCs, urea, particles, viruses, bacteria, pyrons and metals can be removed in the steam phase. Water vapor is delivered at controlled flow rates that ensure faster tube saturation and better uniformity.

"The ability to control the delivery of steam via a non-porous membrane is unique to the RASIRC technology," said Spiegelman. "As our customers develop new requirements for the delivery of pure steam and other chemistries, RASIRC will be there to provide new solutions."

RASIRC recently presented a detailed poster on RASIRC technology at SiliconPV 2012 entitled "Steam Delivery into Vacuum".

A photo of the RASIRC Steamer 225 is available here.

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