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Rapid Portable Radar Siting for Mobile Operations

WxAnalyst announces the commercial release of a COLLADA Radar Analysis Suite for mobile radar applications. The mobile system supports deployment of vehicle-based radars in complex terrain. Global coverage is provided; internet access not required.

WxAnalyst,Ltd announces the commercial release of its Collada Radar Analysis Suite for mobile radar applications. Originally developed for siting fixed radar installations, the mobile system supports rapid deployment of vehicle-based radars in complex terrain. Global coverage is provided in a small self-contained package without connection to the internet.

Initially developed for the interactive geobrowser operations with Google Earth (GE), the software suite has been expanded to operate with NASA World Wind JAVA (WWJ). The NASA JAVA Runtime geobrowser allows operations on any computer platform supporting the JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE) and includes portable global DEMS with resolutions as high as 30 meters.

Interactive visualization of Collada Radar Products in GE requires connectivity to Google's map database and Surface Digital Elevation model (DEM). For portable and mobile operations without internet access, WxAnalyst offers a detachable data drive loaded with independent map database and several Digital Elevation Models.

Additional technical information on "How to Use and Interpret Collada Radar Products and WxAzygy Tools for Mobile Radar are available as a downloadable pdf from the WxAnalyst web site. Instructional videos are available on YouTube under WxAzygy.

WxAnalyst developed its patented WxAzygy and Collada Computing innovations under NASA's SBIR program with Langley Research Center and Goddard Space Flight Center. The basic concept takes advantage of the Collada open standard for 3D graphics to provide game-quality rendering of the real world. Collada was originally introduced by SONY Computer Entertainment for exchange of 3D digital graphics between digital content providers and software. Now managed by the KHRONOS GROUP, Collada provides a common framework for representing and combining the diverse set of geophysical data in the atmosphere and space, across boundaries for simultaneous operations in the atmosphere, in space, underwater, and underground.

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