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Rang De! - Holi Colours, Totally Natural and Safe Colours for Everyone

Rang de!, a range of colours, made only from natural ingredients. A totally safe product for both us and the environment.

Commercially available play colours contain chemical ingredients that are added to enhance the colour tone and make them look vibrant. The use of synthetic pigments, dyes and other toxic ingredients in colour brings about a very high risk of skin ailments and loss of eyesight to those in contact with these colours.

The only way to prevent this, is to go natural and create safe colours that are derived out of ingredients available in nature. Rang de! colours are created from pigments extracted from natural spices and plants, making them totally safe. Safe play colours ensure that everyone has a carefree celebration, while keeping the safety of others as well as the environment in mind.

Rang de! is India's only clinically tested and proven safe play colour brand. Rang de! colours are made from plant and spice extracts and are totally natural, safe for everyone and safe for the environment. In addition to this, every pack of Rang de! that you buy, contributes to a child relief program with CRY-Child Rights and You, so the colour that you buy, adds colour to a child's life too!

Rang de! aims to promote the message of conservation of the environment, while associating with the concept of bringing focus to the lives of underprivileged children in India. To present everyone the opportunity to take a fresh look at life, making a choice and adding a bit of colour to the world naturally.

Its that time of the year, we you gear up, reconnect with friends, get together for fun and masti with colours…its Holi!

" Towards a Carefree today and a greener tomorrow
A movement to encourage the use of safe & natural colours. "

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