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Ralph Lauren's Daughter Launches Boca Boy's Bubble Paste

Dylan's Candy Bar founded by legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren's daughter launches Bubble Paste.

Dylan's Candy Bar, the trend-setting candy store founded by Dylan Lauren, daughter of legendary fashion designer Ralph Lauren, has teamed up with kids' candy manufacturer, Ludo, LLC, to launch its brand new item, Bubble Paste!

"The bubblegum in a tube concept is a unique product that deserves to have the proper platform for its release. Dylan's Candy Bar is certainly the type of venue that makes sense," says, Jay C. Pearlman, founder and president of Ludo. Dylan's Candy Bar is one of the largest candy stores in the world and the premiere destination for candy lovers. The flagship store located in New York City is over 15,000 square feet.

Unlike regular bubblegum, the Bubble Paste user gets to squeeze it out! So if you want a lot squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! The gum will retail between $0.59 to $.79/unit and Ludo expects this item to be sold in all classes of trade (mass, grocery, drug, and specialty stores). Dylan's Candy Bar will be the first retailer in the country with this product. "The sheer fact that Dylan wants to assist us with launching Bubble Paste speaks volumes about the potential," explains the entrepreneur.

The product has a paste type consistency and is packaged in a tube similar to toothpaste. It is being launched in strawberry flavor with plans to add sour apple and grape very soon. There will also be limited edition flavors and a larger four ounce tube added to the product line next year.

"Bubble Paste is one of those ideas that just popped in my head. We have traditionally manufactured interactive candy products which are toys with candy. Bubble Paste is more of a novelty candy item since there is no toy aspect to it. My goal was really to create a true consumable. Our other products are one time purchases. Bubble Paste can be purchased over and over again. Thus, there is a real opportunity to build a brand with this product," states Pearlman.

Ludo, which means to play in Latin, is all about fun and making consumers smile. The interactive candy manufacturer was launched in 2001 and its first customer was Target. "Since that time we have shipped just about every major retailer and have had a tremendous amount of success in large chains that are not traditionally known for toy candy," says the smiling entrepreneur. Some of those unique accounts include Justice, Bed Bath & Beyond, Cracker Barrel, Speedway SuperAmerica, Party City, Circle K, etc.

Bubble Paste is certainly not the first creative item from Ludo. The company has launched many, including a chicken holding cymbals in its wings while sitting on top of a tube with candy. When the user pulls down on a lever attached to the tube, the chicken bangs the cymbals making a smashing noise. Unlike other manufacturers, Ludo has not pursued licenses. It prefers to build its business with basic goods that are not dependent on the success of a movie or require hefty royalties and guarantees. Perhaps the simplicity of Ludo's products is why they have been so successful.

Later this year, Ludo will also be launching the Bubblegum Cane. The giant gum shaped cane makes for a great stocking stuffer and has already been well received by many retailers. In fact, consumers will be able to find it at the following national chains, 7-Eleven, Justice (900+ store chain targeted to tween girls), Claire's (mall-based accessory chain), Sweet Factory, Christmas Tree Shops, among many other retailers.

The Boca Raton resident was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a triple major in marketing, finance and logistics. While he did know at a very young age that he would be an entrepreneur, he never thought it would be as a toy or candy manufacturer. "I would have loved being an automobile manufacturer. However, I knew that was so unrealistic due to the capital requirements. Life as Willy Wonka isn't so bad," Pearlman says jokingly.


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