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Raja Oellinger-Guptara Is Launching His New Book: "The Midas Effect - Transforming Dreams into Reality"

Starting 25 April, the book will be available in about 100 countries, for the English and German market. Chinese translation is on the way!

Raja Oellinger-Guptara emphasizes in his book the importance of dreams of every single person, helping us to find out how to make those dreams factual. In his book, The Midas Effect: Transforming dreams into reality, Raja Oellinger-Guptara draws conclusions from his own life, in order to make valuable lessons he has learned accessible for the dreamers of today. Because, in the end, what every dreamer needs, is a coach!

With The Midas Effect Raja desires to be the coach for all those who want to follow their dreams. "The dream is the beginning, but the belief is the bridge between the dream and reality", says Raja.

The book is based on the butterfly effect principle, thus it encourages idealists to speak out about their dreams and find the path from imagination to realization. Moreover, using examples from every day and business life, Raja demonstrates the power of various principles and effects that each one of us can adopt, repeat and master. "We have the power to change any moment, at any time."

Raja continues to explain the simplicity of the first
step to start the change: "Often, only small hints are
necessary in order to realize how much energy we preserve and to use our gift of transforming thoughts into reality, just as the legendary King Midas once turned everything that he touched into gold".

The most important idea in dreams realization process is, according to Raja, the principle "from head, to heart, to hands" which he describes as following: "Dreams start in the mind and then must first reach the heart before the hands can be used to actually make dreams reality".

"In my professional and personal life, I have achieved much. All of it started with a dream. It is a fact that everyone can do it!", says Raja Oellinger-Guptara. Let his book be your coach to guide you in grasping your dreams. Let it give you at least a tiny push to start your mindset renaissance.

About the author:
Raja Oellinger-Guptara is a changemaker creating and
supporting sustainability projects. His aim is to develop strategies for combining the uniqueness of the past with the needs of the future and to convey the necessity to distinguish between what is important
and what is essential.

He is involved in many tourist projects, including Geinberg Suites, ViaNova Center and Bäckerbergerhof. Raja studied around the world, from New Delhi to Miami. He is a founder and investor of Kingscurry AG, currently the single largest chain of Indian restaurants in continental Europe.

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